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If you’re looking to buy or rent a property in Port St. Lucie, FL, Zillow is your go-to platform. Zillow is a popular real estate marketplace that provides users with detailed property listings, market trends, and other helpful tools to make the home buying process easier. Here, we’ll guide you through the features of Zillow Port St. Lucie FL and explain why it’s a great resource for anyone in the market for a new home.

Comprehensive Property Listings

Zillow Port St. Lucie FL offers a wide range of property listings that cater to various needs and budgets. Whether you’re searching for a modest starter home or a luxurious waterfront property, Zillow has you covered. The website allows you to filter search results based on your preferences, such as price range, property type, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and more. This ensures that you’ll only see properties that meet your specific criteria.

Advanced Search Options

Zillow’s advanced search options allow you to further refine your property search. You can filter properties based on specific features, such as the presence of a pool, waterfront access, or even the proximity to schools, parks, and other amenities. Zillow also allows you to search for properties in specific neighborhoods or within a certain distance from a particular location. These advanced search options help you find properties that perfectly fit your needs and preferences.

Interactive Map View

Zillow Port St. Lucie FL provides an interactive map view that allows you to explore the area and see properties in relation to their surroundings. You can view properties on the map and easily switch between map view and list view to get a better understanding of the location and proximity of each property. This feature is especially useful if you’re unfamiliar with the area and want to get a better sense of the neighborhood before making a decision.

Estimated Property Values

Zillow also provides estimated property values, often referred to as “Zestimates,” for homes in Port St. Lucie. These estimates are based on a variety of factors, including recent sales data, property characteristics, and market trends. While these estimates are not always 100% accurate, they can give you a general idea of a property’s value and help you make more informed decisions when buying or selling.

Interactive Tools and Calculators

In addition to property listings and estimated values, Zillow Port St. Lucie FL offers a range of interactive tools and calculators to aid in your home buying journey. You can use Zillow’s mortgage calculator to estimate monthly mortgage payments, research local schools and their ratings, and even get pre-approved for a loan through Zillow’s lending partners. These tools make it easier to assess your financial situation and understand the costs associated with a particular property.

User Reviews and Ratings

Zillow allows users to leave reviews and ratings for real estate agents and property managers. This can be extremely helpful if you’re unsure about which agent to work with or if you want to get a better sense of how a property manager handles maintenance and tenant relations. The user reviews and ratings provide valuable insights from previous customers, allowing you to make more informed decisions and find trustworthy professionals to work with.

Mobile App and Notifications

Zillow Port St. Lucie FL also has a mobile app that allows you to search for properties on the go. You can set up notifications to receive updates about new listings that match your preferences, price changes, and other relevant information. The mobile app provides a seamless user experience and ensures that you never miss out on a potential opportunity.

Overall, Zillow Port St. Lucie FL is a comprehensive platform that provides everything you need to navigate the real estate market in the area. From property listings and advanced search options to estimated values and interactive tools, Zillow offers a wealth of information and resources to help you find your dream home in Port St. Lucie.

Zillow Port St. Lucie FL – Real Estate Listings

Houses for Sale Port St Lucie (1) in Port St. Lucie FL
Houses for Sale Port St Lucie (1) in Port St. Lucie FL

Phillip A. Parisi, Realtor

  • Address: 2022 SE Tickridge Rd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 5 (110)
  • Phone: +1 772-215-8661
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Thursday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Friday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Saturday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
    Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
  • Reviews:
    Bruce Hill✭✭✭✭✭
    2 months ago
    Being a Mortgage professional, I work with numerous Realtors but few with the market knowledge, experience, and customer service ethics that Phillip A. Parisi possesses. Phil always puts the needs of his clients in front of his own and always strives to surpass his promises. Phil is a true Realtor who gets the job done every time! Thank you for being such a great referral partner and I look forward to closing 100’s of home with you throughout the years!
    Lucianda Etienne✭✭✭✭✭
    3 months ago
    Phil very patience, commitment, dedication and determination whether to sell or buy he will trys his best for you to achieve your goals to purchase or sell your property. I definitely recommend Phil to you for your business.
    Beatrice Forrester B✭✭✭✭✭
    2 years ago
    I recently purchase a condo with Phil Parisi as my realtor. Phil did an excellent job helping me get my dream home in a timely manner. He was professional and patiently took the time to get to know me and my kids personally, in order to understand our faith, needs, and desires for our home. Phil diligently researched and quickly informed me about new listings on the market. He was able to get me a house at a good bargain price and walked me through the whole process as a first-time cash buyer. I highly recommend him not only for real estate but for his great wisdom and compassion as well.
    Andrew Rothermel✭✭✭✭✭
    2 years ago
    My wife and I were first time home buyers and obviously very new to the entire process of buying a home.  We met with a few real estate agents prior to choosing Phil and ultimately decided to go with Phil and couldn’t be happier with our choice.  Phil was extremely professional and personable all at the same time.  He was available and easy to reach at all hours of the day and night.  I actually don’t know when he sleeps because I would receive emails or information at every hour of the day.  We truly appreciate all of Phil’s expertise and guidance throughout the buying process.  Every step of the way he was patient and knowledgeable and had the ability to answer all of our questions.  I feel very confident recommending Phil to anyone who is looking to buy a house and if I ever need to buy another home, I know who I will be asking to help me.  10/10 experience.
    Tammy Mahroos✭✭✭✭✭
    2 years ago
    My experience working w Phil was great! He was the listing realtor for a home I recently purchased. He is an all around great guy, personable, honest and fair, making it work for both the seller and purchaser! He kept us both informed every step of the way and we had a very quick closing! I was happy with this home purchasing experience. I would definitely use Phil again!

Del Webb Tradition- 55+ Retirement Community

  • Address: 12790 SW Cattleya Ln, Port St. Lucie, FL 34987, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.5 (101)
  • Phone: +1 772-209-3850
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Thursday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Saturday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    Sunday: 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Reviews:
    Sarah McKay✭✭✭✭✭
    2 months ago
    Best decision we made was to buy at Del Webb Tradition. Caryn Elliott was our sales consultant and she was spectacular. No question ever went unanswered. She was so patient and kind during our building process. We love our Mystique home. Light and bright and a joy to live in.
    Cheri Sudler✭✭✭✭✭
    2 months ago
    Our experience with Pulte Homes – Port St. Lucie/DelWebb office was excellent from first visit of the models through our closing!! Lisa Bigham, our sales rep was so personable from start to finish! Brian the project/construction mgr as well!!
    Michael Falzarano✭✭✭✭✭
    8 months ago
    From the first steps to the Final closing the whole Del Web team guided us and helped us with any questions or issues that came up. An easy pleasurable experience.
    Scott magown✭✭✭✭✭
    a month ago
    Our sales associate Caryn as well as our construction mgr Kelly were awesome. Always available to us and made our Dell Webb experience an enjoyable one.
    Maria Bencomo✭✭✭✭✭
    3 weeks ago
    Love, love, my neighbors! People are very nice here, clean community. Truly grateful to Raul from warranty who has been genuinely helping me with finalizing all items in my home.

RE/MAX Masterpiece Realty

  • Address: 1775 SW Gatlin Blvd, Port St. Lucie, FL 34953, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4 (85)
  • Phone: +1 772-340-2700
  • Website: Link
  • Opening hours:
    Monday: 8:45 AM – 5:15 PM
    Tuesday: 8:45 AM – 5:15 PM
    Wednesday: 8:45 AM – 5:15 PM
    Thursday: 8:45 AM – 5:15 PM
    Friday: 8:45 AM – 5:15 PM
    Saturday: 8:45 AM – 5:15 PM
    Sunday: 8:45 AM – 5:15 PM
  • Reviews:
    Randy Chapman✭✭✭✭✭
    a week ago
    Randy Green at ReMax is a excellent realtor. Randy is very knowledgeable. As a broker with another company, it is always great to work with him.
    Michael Jansheski
    2 months ago
    If your a contractor being”solicited” as a highly desirable service provider in area, beware. Marcus or any other will give you a schpeel re “we’ve heard good things” bla bla bla….. office will lure us professionals into office, to them try to hard sell”advertising” in their magazine they give to clients. (Even tossing in”we will only use contractors in our fold for service”-nm agents can use whomever, they are contractors) I kicked a med appointment I needed for an unsolicited sale pitch… Just steer clear brother contractors… And don’t take Sabrina’s calls either..

    Michael j electric- out.

    Joelle Brajon
    3 months ago
    I Do Not Recommend This Office or Remax!! Have home for sale with your Agent David… No Respect!! He Refused to answer questions about lock box/back door lock and Hung up on me! Left a message with call center to have the manager Nathan call me…. said it was urgent…. No One called me back!!
    Michelle Berlin✭✭✭✭✭
    6 months ago
    It was a pleasure working with ReMax Masterpiece. After sharing our ideas with our realtor, he sent us several houses to view that were what we were looking for. The first house we saw was the one we fell in love with, though we viewed many houses that day. He was very patient and kind to let us take our time through the houses and even scheduled a second showing for us to go back and see our favorite house again. He also helped us write an offer after researching the prices in the neighborhood. I would recommend ReMax Masterpiece to anyone looking to buy the perfect home.
    Andreas Nagy✭✭✭✭✭
    9 months ago
    Eliane MacVean is an amazing agent but more importantly such and amazing person! Goes out of her way to help clients in anyway she can, she puts actions behind her words. The first time I called, she was literally helping her client clear out her attic. The second time, she was help move another client’s furniture. I mean, who does that? Elaine’s knowledge of the industry will help future clients navigate buying and selling in any market condition. Highly recommend!

Weichert, Realtors – Integrity Group Port St. Lucie

  • Address: 2361 SE Seafury Ln, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.7 (62)

Real Estate Solutions Today, Inc

  • Address: 466 SW Port St Lucie Blvd Suite 109, Port St. Lucie, FL 34953, United States
  • Map: Click here
  • Rating: 4.7 (43)

Your Comprehensive Guide to Purchasing a Home in Port St. Lucie FL

Houses for Sale Port St Lucie (2) in Port St. Lucie FL
Houses for Sale Port St Lucie (2) in Port St. Lucie FL

When considering buying a home in Port St. Lucie, FL, there are several factors that you should take into account. Port St. Lucie is a desirable location known for its beautiful beaches, year-round warm weather, and abundance of outdoor recreational activities. Here are some key considerations to keep in mind:

  • Location: Determine where in Port St. Lucie you want to live. Consider proximity to amenities such as schools, shopping centers, and medical facilities.
  • Budget: Establish a budget for your home purchase. Research the current real estate market in Port St. Lucie to get an understanding of the average home prices in the area.
  • Size and Features: Consider the size of the home you need and preferred features. Determine the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as any specific amenities or upgrades you desire.
  • Neighborhood: Research the neighborhoods in Port St. Lucie to find the one that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Consider factors such as safety, community amenities, and proximity to parks and recreation.
  • Transportation: Evaluate the transportation options in the area, including public transportation and proximity to major highways or airports.
  • HOA and Maintenance Costs: Find out if the property you are interested in has a homeowner’s association (HOA) and determine the associated fees. Additionally, consider the potential maintenance costs for the property.
  • Schools: If you have children or plan to in the future, research the quality of the schools in the area to ensure they meet your educational standards.
  • Resale Value: Consider the potential resale value of the property. Look at historical trends in home prices in the area and consider any future development or growth plans that may impact property values.
  • Insurance and Taxes: Research the cost of homeowner’s insurance and property taxes in Port St. Lucie. These can vary based on factors such as location and property value.
  • Home Inspections: When buying a home, it’s important to schedule a home inspection to identify any potential issues or necessary repairs. This can help you avoid unexpected costs in the future.

By considering these factors when buying a home in Port St. Lucie, you can ensure that you find the perfect property that meets your needs and preferences. Remember to work with a reputable real estate agent who is knowledgeable about the local market to guide you through the home buying process.

Top Real Estate Companies in Port St. Lucie FL

Baron Real Estate

Baron Real Estate
4.6 (32)
8555 Commerce Centre Dr, Port St. Lucie, FL 34986, United States
Bill Eggeling, Top Agent Remax

Bill Eggeling, Top Agent Remax
4.9 (33)
10850 S U.S. Hwy 1, Port St. Lucie, FL 34952, United States

The Average Housing Prices in Port St. Lucie FL

Some common data about home prices in Port St. Lucie, FL include:

  • The average home price in Port St. Lucie is around 0,000.
  • Home prices have been steadily increasing over the past few years.
  • There is a wide range of home prices in Port St. Lucie, with options available for both budget-conscious buyers and those looking for higher-end properties.
  • The cost of living in Port St. Lucie is relatively affordable compared to other cities in Florida.
  • Factors that can affect home prices in Port St. Lucie include location, size, age, amenities, and market conditions.
  • Port St. Lucie offers a variety of housing options, including single-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, and apartments.

That is a complete discussion and guide on choosing the best home using Zillow Port St. Lucie FL. Good luck with your endeavor, and hopefully, this writing can be of assistance.

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