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Who Owns Ross Dress for Less? The History of the Popular Discount Store

Behind the triumph of many thriving businesses lies a family with a vision. In the case of Ross Stores, Inc., one of the largest off-price retail chains in the United States, the Ross family’s influence on its inception and expansion has been profound.

This article delves into the narrative of the Ross family, their pivotal roles in the establishment of Ross Stores, the retail giant’s prosperity, their philanthropic pursuits, and the present leadership of Ross Stores.

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Ross Family History

The history of Ross Stores is intrinsically connected to the entrepreneurial voyage of the Ross family, whose origins in the retail industry trace back to the 1950s. During this era, Morris “Morrie” Ross, alongside his wife Bernice “Bennie” Ross, ventured into the world of retail. Their journey commenced with a modest grocery store, embodying the family’s commitment to a core principle: delivering high-quality products at prices that offered remarkable value. Morrie and Bennie Ross’s unwavering dedication to value and affordability, evident in their early retail endeavors, laid the groundwork for the evolution of Ross Stores.

This dedication would become a defining trait of the Ross family’s retail legacy. Over the years, Ross Stores has thrived, expanding its footprint and reputation as a destination for consumers in pursuit of quality goods at discounted prices. The Ross family’s journey in the realm of retail serves as a testament to their enduring legacy, with their fundamental values continuing to resonate within the essence of Ross Stores, cementing its status as a prominent and trusted name in the retail sphere.

Founding of Ross Stores

In 1950, a pivotal moment in the retail landscape occurred when the visionary couple, Morrie and Bennie Ross, launched their first retail establishment in Pacifica, California. This initial store primarily focused on groceries, signifying a modest start in the retail world. Yet, the Ross family had far-reaching aspirations. Recognizing an opportunity to cater to budget-conscious shoppers in search of quality goods at affordable prices, they embarked on a transformative journey. This keen business insight catalyzed a profound venture. The Ross family, understanding the potential in offering discounted brand-name clothing and footwear, initiated a transformative move that would reshape the retail landscape.

This visionary step led to the birth of Ross Dress for Less, a pioneering concept in off-price retail. The establishment of Ross Dress for Less marked not only a significant milestone for the Ross family but also a pivotal moment in the history of retail. It established the company’s mission to provide customers with brand-name products at discounted prices, forging a strong association between quality and affordability with the Ross Stores brand. As the company expanded and evolved, this enduring commitment to value and accessible quality became ingrained in its identity, solidifying Ross Dress for Less as a trusted and beloved destination for shoppers nationwide.

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Success of Ross

Stores Ross Stores swiftly gained prominence for its “Dress for Less” concept, offering customers high-quality, in-season, and branded merchandise at significantly lower prices than department stores. This innovative approach resonated with shoppers, fueling rapid expansion. By the 1980s, Ross Stores had grown into a regional chain, and it continued to expand, ultimately reaching a national scale.

Philanthropic Pursuits of the Ross Family Demonstrating a commitment to their community, the Ross family established the Ross Stores Foundation in 2004. This philanthropic initiative is focused on supporting programs that empower disadvantaged children and families. Their contributions have positively impacted various realms, from education to healthcare and beyond.

Current Leadership of Ross Stores

Although Morrie and Bennie Ross were pioneers in the early days of Ross Stores, leadership has transitioned over the years. Today, the company is steered by Barbara Rentler, who serves as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is a member of the Board of Directors. Her leadership perpetuates the company’s tradition of providing exceptional deals to customers and extending its reach.

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The journey of the Ross family, from a modest grocery store to a nationwide retail powerhouse, underscores their vision and dedication. Their commitment to delivering quality products at affordable prices led to the inception of Ross Stores, which has evolved into a preferred destination for shoppers seeking quality goods at discounted rates.

The Ross family’s legacy extends not only through their prosperous business but also through their philanthropic endeavors, ensuring their impact transcends the realm of retail.

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