Does Walmart Accept Personal Checks? Here’s the Answer!

When it comes to making payments at Walmart, many customers wonder if personal checks are a viable option. In this article, we’ll explore Walmart’s personal check policy, whether they accept personal checks, how check cashing works at Walmart, and alternative payment methods available.

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Walmart Personal Check Policy

Walmart does accept personal checks, but there are specific guidelines and requirements associated with this payment method:

  • Identification: You’ll need to present a valid government-issued photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport, when paying by personal check. Walmart requires this to verify your identity.
  • Check Types: Walmart accepts pre-printed personal checks, cashier’s checks, and government checks. They do not accept starter checks, traveler’s checks, or any handwritten checks.
  • Verification: Walmart uses a third-party check verification service to authorize personal checks. If your check is not approved by the verification service, Walmart won’t accept it as payment.
  • Limits: Be aware that Walmart may have a maximum limit on the amount you can pay with a personal check. This limit may vary depending on the location and the type of check you’re using.

Walmart Check Cashing

Walmart also offers check cashing services for a fee. Customers can cash various types of checks, including payroll checks, government checks, and tax refund checks. To cash a check at Walmart:

  1. Visit a Walmart store with a MoneyCenter or customer service desk.
  2. Present the check to be cashed.
  3. Provide a valid government-issued photo ID.
  4. Pay the associated fee for check cashing, which varies depending on the check type and amount.
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How to Pay with a Check at Walmart

If you intend to pay for your purchases at Walmart with a personal check, follow these steps:

  1. Write the check for the exact amount of your purchase, including tax.
  2. Ensure you have a valid government-issued photo ID with you.
  3. Present both the check and your ID to the cashier at the register.
  4. The cashier will verify your identity and process your check.

Walmart Payment Methods

In addition to personal checks, Walmart offers various payment methods for your convenience:

  1. Credit and Debit Cards: Walmart accepts major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, as well as Walmart-branded credit cards. Debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo are also accepted.
  2. Cash: You can pay with cash at any Walmart store.
  3. Mobile Payment: Walmart accepts mobile payment options like Walmart Pay, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and Samsung Pay.
  4. Gift Cards: Walmart gift cards can be used to make purchases, and eGift cards can be scanned directly from your mobile device.
  5. Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT): Walmart stores that offer grocery items accept EBT cards for eligible food purchases.
  6. Walmart Pay: This mobile payment method allows you to link your payment methods to the Walmart app for quick and secure transactions.
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Walmart does accept personal checks, provided they meet certain criteria and are verified through a third-party service. Remember to bring a valid government-issued photo ID when paying with a personal check.

Additionally, Walmart offers a range of alternative payment methods, including credit and debit cards, cash, mobile payments, and more, to cater to different customer preferences and needs. Whether you choose to pay with a personal check or another method, Walmart aims to provide convenient and secure payment options for its customers.

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