Top 3 Supermarket Chains Supporting Israel

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Welcome, discerning shoppers! Today, we plunge into a contentious realm that’s prompting a critical reassessment of our choices—the purported support of specific supermarket companies for Israel’s actions in Palestine. Let’s unravel the controversy, scrutinize the facts, and delve into how you can navigate the aisles with a discerning eye.

Ethical Dilemmas in the Grocery Aisles

In the chaotic realm of grocery shopping, conscientious consumers are hitting the pause button to scrutinize the affiliations of certain supermarket giants. Claims have surfaced, alleging that these companies are intricately involved in supporting Israel’s actions in Palestine, fueling heated ethical debates among shoppers.

Unmasking Alleged Supermarket Supporters

Here’s an exposé on supermarket companies supposedly entangled in supporting Israel:

#1 Walmart

Walmart promptly committed $1 million in aid to Israeli victims and denounced Hamas. However, no contributions were made to charities supporting victims in Gaza affected by the conflict with Israel.

Walmart : Supermarket Companies Support Israel
Walmart : Supermarket Companies that Support Israel

These allegations have led some shoppers to reassess their shopping habits, seeking alternatives aligned with their ethical values.

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#2 Carrefour

In a move that exacerbates the economic strain of the cost-of-living crisis, the Carrefour Group has opened approximately 50 stores in Israel through a franchise partnership with the Israeli group Electra Consumer Products and its subsidiary Yenot Bitan. Despite positioning itself as a provider of competitive and innovative product selections for everyday purchases, Carrefour’s entrance into the Israeli market raises eyebrows.

Carrefour And Support For Israelis
Carrefour And Support For Israelis


The introduction of three hypermarkets, ten supermarkets, 37 convenience stores, and an e-commerce site, coupled with the import of over 1200 products, including more than 400 Carrefour-branded items, signifies a substantial market presence. The initiation of kosher-certified products and the establishment of locally produced own-brand items, such as those in the Carrefour Baby range, adds to the company’s extensive footprint in the region.

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As Carrefour eyes the opening of a hundred additional stores by 2024, questions arise about the impact of its expansive operations on the local market and the potential implications for consumers amid the cost-of-living challenges.

#3 Tesco

In a controversial move, Tesco has entered into a partnership with Trigo Retail, an Israeli start-up specializing in frictionless checkout technology. The CEO of Trigo, Michael Gabay, is notably identified as a staunch Zionist, raising concerns about the political undertones of this collaboration.



The alliance aims to introduce fully autonomous checkout-free grocery stores, with the first located in central London. Equipped with cameras on the ceilings, the store allows customers to grab items and exit without stopping at a checkout, settling payments and receipts digitally.

Trigo’s technology, though GDPR-compliant, sparks privacy concerns, as it transforms traditional supermarkets into fully autonomous digital stores. As Tesco ventures into frictionless checkout, the partnership with Trigo becomes a contentious point, adding a political dimension to the retail giant’s technological advancements.

In conclusion, the aforementioned three supermarket giants have evidently collaborated with Israel, raising concerns about their involvement in activities associated with the occupation of Palestinian territories. It is advisable to avoid patronizing these three supermarkets while shopping.

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As alternatives, stores such as Aldi, Asda, and Co-op are considered more neutral and have not been proven to support Israel in their business activities. Making informed choices in favor of retailers with a more impartial stance can contribute to conscientious consumer practices amid geopolitical sensitivities.

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