Uber Premier Car List: What Cars Qualify?

Uber has introduced various service tiers to cater to different preferences and needs. One of these tiers is Uber Premier, which offers a more luxurious and comfortable ride experience.

If you’re considering becoming an Uber Premier driver, or you’re simply curious about the types of cars that qualify, this article is here to guide you through the requirements and eligibility criteria.

Uber Premier: The Premium Ride Experience

Uber Premier offers passengers a step up from the standard ride, providing a more stylish and refined journey. From business travelers to those seeking an extra touch of elegance, Uber Premier aims to satisfy a higher standard of comfort and quality.

Car Requirements for Uber Premier

To become an Uber Premier driver, your vehicle needs to meet specific criteria:

  1. Model Year: Generally, Uber Premier vehicles should be from recent model years, ensuring a modern and up-to-date ride experience for passengers.
  2. Vehicle Type: Premier cars typically include mid-range to high-end sedans and SUVs known for their comfort, style, and advanced features.
  3. Interior Comfort: The interior of the vehicle should exude a luxurious feel, with features like leather seats and premium materials.
  4. Vehicle Size: Premier vehicles are often required to have a certain amount of interior space, ensuring passengers can enjoy a spacious and comfortable ride.
  5. Clean and Well-Maintained: Vehicles need to be clean, well-maintained, and free from visible damages.

Vehicle Eligibility for Uber Premier

The eligibility criteria may vary depending on your location, but generally, these are the types of vehicles that qualify for Uber Premier:

While the specific vehicle eligibility criteria for Uber Premier may vary by location, here is a general list of car types that are often eligible for the Uber Premier service:

  1. Luxury Sedans:
    • Audi A6, A7, A8
    • BMW 5 Series, 7 Series
    • Mercedes-Benz E-Class, S-Class
    • Lexus ES, GS, LS
    • Jaguar XE, XF, XJ
    • Cadillac CT6
  2. Luxury SUVs:
    • Audi Q7, Q8
    • BMW X5, X7
    • Mercedes-Benz GLE, GLS
    • Lexus RX, GX, LX
    • Range Rover Sport, Velar
    • Cadillac Escalade
  3. Premium Brands:
    • Volvo S90, XC60, XC90
    • Acura RLX, MDX
    • Infiniti Q50, Q70, QX60
    • Lincoln Continental, Navigator
    • Genesis G80, G90
  4. High-End Sedans:
    • Toyota Avalon Limited
    • Hyundai Sonata Limited
    • Kia Cadenza
  5. High-End SUVs:
    • Toyota Highlander Limited
    • Hyundai Santa Fe Limited
    • Kia Telluride EX or SX
  6. Other Luxury Models:
    • Chrysler 300C
    • Volkswagen Arteon
    • Buick LaCrosse Avenir

Passenger Capacity

Uber Premier vehicles typically accommodate fewer passengers compared to standard Uber options. This ensures a more personalized experience for riders who value comfort and exclusivity.

Uber Premier Car ListCapacity
Luxury Sedans
Audi A6, A7, A84 passengers
BMW 5 Series, 7 Series4 passengers
Mercedes-Benz E-Class, S-Class4 passengers
Lexus ES, GS, LS4 passengers
Jaguar XE, XF, XJ4 passengers
Cadillac CT64 passengers
Luxury SUVs
Audi Q7, Q84 passengers
BMW X5, X74 passengers
Mercedes-Benz GLE, GLS4 passengers
Lexus RX, GX, LX4 passengers
Range Rover Sport, Velar4 passengers
Cadillac Escalade6 passengers
Premium Brands
Volvo S90, XC60, XC904 passengers
Acura RLX, MDX4 passengers
Infiniti Q50, Q70, QX604 passengers
Lincoln Continental, Navigator6 passengers
Genesis G80, G904 passengers
High-End Sedans
Toyota Avalon Limited4 passengers
Hyundai Sonata Limited4 passengers
Kia Cadenza4 passengers
High-End SUVs
Toyota Highlander Limited4 passengers
Hyundai Santa Fe Limited4 passengers
Kia Telluride EX or SX4 passengers
Other Luxury Models
Chrysler 300C4 passengers
Volkswagen Arteon4 passengers
Buick LaCrosse Avenir4 passengers
Table: Uber Premier Car List

Uber Premier caters to riders who seek a higher level of comfort and luxury during their journey. Becoming an Uber Premier driver involves meeting specific vehicle requirements that emphasize elegance, style, and advanced features. As you explore the world of premium ride services, understanding the car types that qualify for Uber Premier helps you provide a top-notch experience to your passengers.

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