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Beneful Support for Israel: Examining the Nestle Connection

Beneful is a popular pet food brand that is owned by the Nestle Company. The Nestle Company, founded in 1866 by Henri Nestle, is a multinational food and beverage company headquartered in Switzerland. Henri Nestle, a German-born pharmacist, had a background in pharmaceutical sciences and was known for his interest in nutrition. He developed the first milk-based formula for infants, known as “Farine Lactée,” which helped combat infant mortality at the time. This breakthrough product marked the beginning of the Nestle Company’s focus on nutrition and the foundation for its success in the food and beverage industry.

Nestle is widely recognized as one of the world’s largest food and beverage companies, with a presence in more than 180 countries. The company’s portfolio includes well-known brands such as Nescafé, KitKat, Maggi, and of course, Beneful for pet food. Nestle’s commitment to nutrition and quality is reflected in its products, and the company has received numerous awards and recognitions for its practices and contributions to the food and beverage industry.

In addition to its ownership of Beneful, Nestle also has a significant presence in Israel through its ownership of Osem, a leading food manufacturer in the country. Nestle acquired a majority stake in Osem in 1995 and later became the sole owner in 2011. This partnership allows Nestle to expand its reach in Israel and offer a wider range of food products to consumers. Osem is known for its popular brands such as Bamba, Tivall, and Nestea, which are household names in Israel.

Israeli Osem-Nestle Logo

Israeli Osem-Nestle Logo

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Beneful Nestle and Allegations of Israel Support

The connection between Beneful, a brand under the Nestle umbrella, and Israel raises suspicions of support for Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories. The parent company, Nestle, acquired a majority stake in Israeli food maker Osem in 2000, eventually taking full ownership in 2016. This acquisition indicates a direct financial investment in Israel’s economy.

Nestle’s recent agreement to buy out minority shareholders of Osem for 0 million further solidifies their support for Israel. With this transaction, Nestle aims to acquire the remaining 36.3% stake in Osem, which they don’t already own. This move demonstrates a continued commitment to the Israeli market.

In addition to the financial investment, Nestle plans to establish a new research and development center in Sderot, Israel, as part of the deal. This investment implies a commitment to further strengthening Israel’s economic and technological capabilities.

From these facts, it is clear that Beneful, as a subsidiary of Nestle, contributes to the economic development of Israel while simultaneously adding to its power in carrying out activities of colonization in Palestinian lands. This raises concerns about the ethical implications of supporting a company that is linked to the occupation and annexation of Palestinian territories.

Osem Nestle in Israel

Osem Nestle in Israel

While Beneful may not be officially designated on the boycott list as outlined on BDS Movement, it finds itself featured on platforms like Thewitness, which compiles information about companies associated with the Israeli occupation.

Exploring Corporate Views on the Israeli Occupation

To access an extensive list of companies linked to Israel or with origins in the region through the Israeli Product Checker provided above, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Input the brand or product name into the specified field.
  2. Press enter to initiate the search.
  3. Uncover detailed insights into the brand’s affiliations with Israel.

After understanding the association between the Beneful brand by Nestle and its support for the establishment of Israel in Palestinian territory, it would be beneficial for you to explore several other well-known companies and products.

Below is a comprehensive list of companies that have contributed to and expressed their support for Israel, spanning various industries such as fashion, fast food, and tech giants.

Companies That Stand With Israel

The list of companies officially targeted for boycott by the global BDS movement

With the references above, consumers are encouraged to be more aware of their consumption choices and the flow of money to ensure that our resources are not used to harm humanity and violate the rights of Palestinian citizens. For further information on globally boycotted companies, you can explore sites such as and

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