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Jenny Craig by Nestle: A Close Look at Israel Connections

Jenny Craig is a weight loss and management company that was founded in 1983 by Jenny and Sidney Craig. Sidney Craig, an American businessman, holds the distinction of being the co-founder of this renowned weight loss program. Born on August 4, 1932, in Springfield, Massachusetts, Sidney Craig had a successful career in the food industry before establishing Jenny Craig Inc. He held executive positions at several companies, including Stouffer’s and Hardee’s. Sidney Craig, a Caucasian businessman, and his wife Jenny Craig, an Australian-born entrepreneur, collaborated to create a weight loss program that combined personalized meal planning, counseling, and support to help individuals achieve their weight loss goals.

It is worth mentioning that Jenny Craig Inc. is now owned by Nestle, a multinational food and beverage corporation headquartered in Switzerland. Nestle acquired Jenny Craig in 2006, expanding their portfolio to include weight management services. As the parent company, Nestle is widely recognized in the industry for its range of products that span various categories, such as confectionery, coffee, water, infant nutrition, and pet care. Furthermore, Nestle has a strong global presence, operating in more than 180 countries and employing over 290,000 people worldwide. In addition to its acquisition of Jenny Craig, Nestle also holds ownership in Osem, a prominent food manufacturing company based in Israel that produces a wide range of food products, including snacks, pasta, soups, and sauces.

Israeli Osem-Nestle Logo

Israeli Osem-Nestle Logo

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Jenny Craig Nestle and Allegations of Israel Support

The Jenny Craig brand, owned by Nestle, has a suspicious connection to Israel and its controversial occupation of Palestinian territories. This connection stems from Nestle’s acquisition of Israeli food maker Osem, which raises questions about Jenny Craig’s support for Israel.

Nestle purchased a 50.1% stake in Osem in 2000, and later gained full ownership in 2016. Recently, Nestle announced its plan to buy out the remaining minority shareholders of Osem for a staggering 0 million. This move solidifies Nestle’s control over Osem and its influence in the Israeli food industry.

But it doesn’t stop there. As part of this acquisition, Nestle has committed to investing millions of dollars in establishing a new research and development center in Sderot, Israel. This raises concerns about Nestle’s support for Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories, as it is further bolstering the Israeli economy.

It is deeply troubling to see a prominent brand like Jenny Craig, under the Nestle umbrella, contributing to the economic development of Israel, which in turn enables the continuation of its activities in occupied Palestinian lands. This raises questions about the brand’s ethical stance and whether it aligns itself with oppressive policies.

Consumers have the right to know where their money is going and the impact their purchases have on global issues. Supporting brands like Jenny Craig means supporting companies that are indirectly contributing to the suffering of the Palestinian people.

In conclusion, the connection between Jenny Craig and Nestle’s support for Israel raises serious concerns about the brand’s stance on human rights and social justice. It is crucial for consumers to educate themselves about the ethical practices of the companies they support and make conscious choices to advocate for a more equitable and just world.

Osem Nestle in Israel

Osem Nestle in Israel

While Jenny Craig may not be officially designated on the boycott list as outlined on BDS Movement, it finds itself featured on platforms like Thewitness, which compiles information about companies associated with the Israeli occupation.

Decoding Corporate Positions on the Israeli Occupation

To access an extensive list of companies linked to Israel or with origins in the region through the Israeli Product Checker provided above, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Input the brand or product name into the specified field.
  2. Press enter to initiate the search.
  3. Uncover detailed insights into the brand’s affiliations with Israel.

After understanding the association between the Jenny Craig brand by Nestle and its support for the establishment of Israel in Palestinian territory, it would be beneficial for you to explore several other well-known companies and products.

Below is a comprehensive list of companies that have contributed to and expressed their support for Israel, spanning various industries such as fashion, fast food, and tech giants.

Companies That Stand With Israel

The list of companies officially targeted for boycott by the global BDS movement

With the references above, consumers are encouraged to be more aware of their consumption choices and the flow of money to ensure that our resources are not used to harm humanity and violate the rights of Palestinian citizens. For further information on globally boycotted companies, you can explore sites such as and

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