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Nesquik, Nestle, and Israel Affiliation

Nesquik, owned by the Nestle Company, is one of the world’s most popular chocolate and flavored milk brands. The parent company, Nestle, is a Swiss multinational food and beverage conglomerate, founded in 1866 by Henry Nestle, a German pharmacist of Czech origin. Nestle is recognized globally for its extensive range of products, including baby food, coffee, cereals, pet food, and confectionery. The company has expanded its operations in over 180 countries, employing thousands of people worldwide.

Henry Nestle, the founder of Nestle, was born in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1814. He later moved to Switzerland, where he developed a reputation for his scientific knowledge and expertise in the field of nutrition. In 1867, Nestle invented an infant cereal with milk, which became immensely popular due to its benefits for babies who couldn’t be breastfed. This innovation marked the beginning of the Nestle company’s success. Henry Nestle is widely recognized for his pioneering work in developing infant nutrition and revolutionizing the food industry.

In addition to its ownership of Nesquik, Nestle is also the proud owner of Osem, a prominent food manufacturing company in Israel. The acquisition of Osem in 2015 marked Nestle’s commitment to expanding its presence in the Middle East market. Osem is known for its wide range of products, including snacks, soups, pasta, and breakfast cereals. With the acquisition, Nestle further established its position as a global leader in the food and beverage industry, catering to diverse cultural tastes and preferences.

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Nestle Manufacturing Shah Alam (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd.

Nestle Manufacturing in Malaysia

Nesquik Nestle and Allegations of Israel Support

The Nesquik brand, owned by Nestle, has been accused of supporting Israel and its activities in occupying Palestinian territories. This suspicion arises from the fact that Nestle, the parent company of Nesquik, holds a 50.1% stake in Israeli food maker Osem.

In an official statement released by the renowned Israeli news portal Maariv, it is also mentioned that as part of this agreement, Nestle will invest millions of dollars to operate a new R&D center in Sderot, Israel.

In a recent press release regarding the recent Palestinian fighters’ retaliation that occurred in Israel on October 7, 2023, Nestle, who had just announced the closure of its operations in Israel, will soon reopen its factory.

According to Nestlé’s 2022 annual report, the KitKat maker has seven facilities in Israel, producing confectionery, prepared dishes, powered and liquid beverages, and products in its nutrition and health science division.

From the above facts, it is evident that Nestle is contributing to the economic development of the State of Israel, thus further strengthening its economic power in carrying out colonization activities in Palestinian land.

While Nesquik may not be officially designated on the boycott list as outlined on BDS Movement, it finds itself featured on platforms like Thewitness, which compiles information about companies associated with the Israeli occupation.

Israeli Occupation: A Guide to Corporate Stances

To access an extensive list of companies linked to Israel or with origins in the region through the Israeli Product Checker provided above, follow these straightforward steps:

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  3. Uncover detailed insights into the brand’s affiliations with Israel.

After understanding the association between the Nesquik brand by Nestle and its support for the establishment of Israel in Palestinian territory, it would be beneficial for you to explore several other well-known companies and products.

Below is a comprehensive list of companies that have contributed to and expressed their support for Israel, spanning various industries such as fashion, fast food, and tech giants.

Companies That Stand With Israel

The list of companies officially targeted for boycott by the global BDS movement

With the references above, consumers are encouraged to be more aware of their consumption choices and the flow of money to ensure that our resources are not used to harm humanity and violate the rights of Palestinian citizens. For further information on globally boycotted companies, you can explore sites such as and

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