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Pedigree, Mars, and Israel Affiliation

Pedigree is a pet food brand owned by Mars, Incorporated, which is a multinational corporation that specializes in confectionery, pet food, and other food products. Mars, Incorporated was founded in 1911 by Franklin Clarence Mars, an American entrepreneur. Born on September 24, 1883, in Hancock, Minnesota, Franklin Mars started his career by making and selling handmade candies from his kitchen. He later moved to Tacoma, Washington, where he established his first candy factory in 1911, initially named the Mars Candy Factory. Mars then went on to create popular confectionery products such as the Milky Way bar and the Snickers bar, making his company one of the largest confectionery manufacturers in the world.

Franklin Mars was of American ethnicity and his entrepreneurial skills and innovative approach revolutionized the candy industry. He is widely recognized for his contributions to the confectionery market, introducing new manufacturing techniques and popularizing innovative candy bars that became iconic worldwide. Mars, Incorporated, under his leadership, became a pioneer in the industry, known for its high-quality products. Today, Mars, Incorporated is still a family-owned company and one of the largest multinational corporations, encompassing a vast range of brands in various sectors, including Pedigree pet food.

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MARS Petcare

Mars Petcare in USA

Pedigree Mars and Allegations of Israel Support

The Pedigree brand, under the umbrella of Mars Inc., is believed to be supporting Israel and its activities in occupying Palestinian territories. This assumption arises from the fact that Mars Inc., the parent company of Pedigree, has partnered with Jerusalem Venture Partners.

Furthermore, Mars is also collaborating in R&D investment. In an official release, it stated: “Mars will support Israeli start-ups and the formation of companies, and will work together with leading Israeli academic institutions, such as the Hebrew University, the Weizmann Institute, the Technion, Migall, and Tel Hai College, among others, to further Foodtech innovations.”

From the above facts, it is clear that Mars Inc. is contributing to the economic development of Israel while simultaneously strengthening its ability to engage in colonization activities in the land of Palestine.

While Pedigree may not be officially designated on the boycott list as outlined on BDS Movement, it finds itself featured on platforms like Thewitness, which compiles information about companies associated with the Israeli occupation.

Israeli Occupation: A Guide to Corporate Stances

To access an extensive list of companies linked to Israel or with origins in the region through the Israeli Product Checker provided above, follow these straightforward steps:

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  3. Uncover detailed insights into the brand’s affiliations with Israel.

After understanding the association between the Pedigree brand by Mars and its support for the establishment of Israel in Palestinian territory, it would be beneficial for you to explore several other well-known companies and products.

Below is a comprehensive list of companies that have contributed to and expressed their support for Israel, spanning various industries such as fashion, fast food, and tech giants.

Companies That Stand With Israel

The list of companies officially targeted for boycott by the global BDS movement

With the references above, consumers are encouraged to be more aware of their consumption choices and the flow of money to ensure that our resources are not used to harm humanity and violate the rights of Palestinian citizens. For further information on globally boycotted companies, you can explore sites such as and

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