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Chips Ahoy! by Mondelez and Israel: What You Need to Know

Chips Ahoy! is a popular brand of cookies produced by Mondelez International, a multinational confectionery, food, and beverage conglomerate. Mondelez International was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, United States. The company was created as a spin-off of Kraft Foods, and it consists of several well-known brands, including Oreo, Cadbury, Toblerone, and Trident gum. Mondelez International operates in over 150 countries and employs more than 80,000 people worldwide. The company’s mission is to create delicious moments of joy by offering high-quality, tasty products.

Mondelez International was established by the merger of Kraft Foods with the snack-food and confectionery divisions of Cadbury. The founder of Cadbury, John Cadbury, was an English businessman and philanthropist. He was born in 1801 in Birmingham, England, and his family had a long history in the tea and coffee business. Cadbury started his own chocolate manufacturing business in 1824, initially producing cocoa and drinking chocolate. He later expanded his enterprise to include various confectionery products, including the iconic Dairy Milk chocolate. Cadbury’s commitment to social responsibility and his philanthropic efforts, such as providing better working conditions for his employees, made him widely recognized and admired. The Mondelez company, with its Chips Ahoy! brand, continues to carry on the legacy of delicious, innovative cookies initiated by Cadbury.

Mondelez Investment In Israel

Mondelez Investment In Israel

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Chips Ahoy! Mondelez and Allegations of Israel Support

Chips Ahoy! brand, a subsidiary of Mondelez, has been accused of supporting Israel in its occupation of Palestinian territories. This suspicion arises from Mondelez’s recent investment in Torr FoodTech, an Israeli-based company. Although the terms of the deal were not disclosed, Mondelez confirmed that it made the investment through SnackFutures, an Israeli food-tech incubator.

Critics argue that by investing in Israeli companies, Mondelez is indirectly supporting the economic development of Israel and therefore contributing to its ability to continue its controversial activities in Palestine. The Israeli FoodTech sector is known for its innovation and is regarded as one of the most dynamic in the world. Through its collaboration with SnackFutures and Mondelez, the Israeli food-tech ecosystem is gaining unprecedented access and visibility.

This connection between Chips Ahoy! and Israel has been met with widespread backlash. Many consumers who are opposed to the Israeli occupation of Palestine have called for a boycott of Chips Ahoy! and other Mondelez products. They argue that by purchasing these products, they are indirectly supporting the occupation and human rights abuses committed by the Israeli government.

In response, Mondelez has remained tight-lipped about its involvement with Israel and has not addressed the concerns raised by consumers. This lack of transparency has only fueled further suspicion and outrage among those who advocate for Palestinian rights. As the controversy continues to unfold, it remains to be seen how this connection will impact the reputation and sales of Chips Ahoy! and Mondelez as a whole.

Mondelez brands

Mondelez brands across the World

While Chips Ahoy! may not be officially designated on the boycott list as outlined on BDS Movement, it finds itself featured on platforms like Thewitness, which compiles information about companies associated with the Israeli occupation.

Navigating Business Views on the Israeli Occupation

To access an extensive list of companies linked to Israel or with origins in the region through the Israeli Product Checker provided above, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Input the brand or product name into the specified field.
  2. Press enter to initiate the search.
  3. Uncover detailed insights into the brand’s affiliations with Israel.

After understanding the association between the Chips Ahoy! brand by Mondelez and its support for the establishment of Israel in Palestinian territory, it would be beneficial for you to explore several other well-known companies and products.

Below is a comprehensive list of companies that have contributed to and expressed their support for Israel, spanning various industries such as fashion, fast food, and tech giants.

Companies That Stand With Israel

The list of companies officially targeted for boycott by the global BDS movement

With the references above, consumers are encouraged to be more aware of their consumption choices and the flow of money to ensure that our resources are not used to harm humanity and violate the rights of Palestinian citizens. For further information on globally boycotted companies, you can explore sites such as and

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